El sitio oficial de AOKP comprometido por malware


Malas noticias para los que tengáis una cuenta dentro del site de AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). Según podemos ver en un post escrito por Roman de AOKP en su cuenta de oficial de Google +, algún tipo de malware se ha alojado en el sitio web y los usuarios y contraseñas han podido ser comprometidos. En el comunicado publicado podemos leer:
Fans of AOKP,
Yesterday we got reports of http://aokp.co being infected with malware. We did some investigation and it looks like our site did get compromised by some sort of malware.
All usernames and passwords were compromised.
Yes, this sucks, and I take 100% of the responsibility for what happened. I am very sorry to everyone who registered on the site.
The silver lining of the event is that site registrations have been closed for many months as it is, and we’ve been using RootzWiki as our main “forum.” I will see what I can do about sending an email to all of the registered users and notify them of the incident.
It looks like only the actual site (http://aokp.co) was affected – gerrit and everything else was untouched.
I’ve taken the site down completely for now. You can still get your builds from AndroTransfer or Goo-Inside.me.
Please please please change your passwords and remember to keep your email password just a little more secure! If you used the same email/password combo elsewhere, now would be the time to go and change it as well.
***Note: no, the passwords were not stored in plaintext
Así que si sois usuarios registrados del sitio web de AOKP, sería muy recomendable que entréis y reseteéis vuestra contraseña. No suele ocurrir pero nadie es perfecto y el mundo de internet menos. Como curiosidad resaltar lo que vemos al final del comunicado, el administrador aclara que los password no están almacenados en texto plano.
Fuente | AndroidSpin

from Rssandroid.com – Todo sobre Android http://www.rssandroid.com/noticias/el-sitio-oficial-de-aokp-comprometido-por-malware



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